Our Mission: To promote high standards, integrity and ethical practices within the construction industry.

WHO WE ARE . . .

The Nevada County Contractors Association is a non-profit trade association  established to serve the construction industry. The NCCA has a membership comprised of licensed general contractors, specialty subcontractors, material manufacturers and suppliers, design professionals and building-related business associates.

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The Contractors Association. . . The purpose of the Association is to promote, foster, and maintain high standards in construction; to promote, foster and maintain integrity in business relations and ethical practices within the construction industry; to acquire, preserve and disseminate useful information for those in the construction industry; to give constant attention to public legislation, supporting that which may correct abuses and protect public interests while, at the same time opposing  that which may be found detrimental to the construction industry.

By exchanging ideas and concerns unique to our industry, we gain in total knowledge and strength. This will benefit NCCA members who participate in Association activities. As we add new members, we gain new ideas, new skills, new experience, and new vision. As we continue to grow in membership, services and benefits will also grow with our progress.

The Contractors Association is HOME for the entire construction industry, balancing the many concerns of public and private building owners, contractors, subs, suppliers, professionals and associates.

We invite you to look into the many benefits of being part of our Association!

There is strength in numbers.

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The NCCA Board of Directors and Staff

2016 Board of Directors

President Bob Zucca
Weiss Landscapes, Inc.
(530) 271-7478
Vice President Greg Savelly
Tru-Line Builders, Inc
(530) 362-0559
Treasurer Carl Van Son
Van Son Construction
  (530) 273-3258
PAC Chairman Keoni Allen
Sierra Foothills Construction
 (530) 477-5300
Immediate Past President Charles Faber
C & D Contractors, Inc.
(530) 272-6938


  Ray Byers, Jr.
Byers' Leaf Guard Gutter Systems
(530) 272-8272
  Martin Wood
SCO Planning and Engineering
(530) 272-5841
  Jeff Hansen
Hansen Brothers Enterprises
(530) 273-3381
  Sam Marsico, Jr.
Marsico Custom Homes, Inc
(530) 271-1455

Elizabeth Poston

Living Outdoors Landscapes

(530) 205-9607
Office Staff
Executive Director Barbara Bashall (530) 274-1919
e-mail: nccaexec@pacbell.net
Plan Room Coordinator & Membership Services Josie Sisley (530) 274-1919
e-mail: ncrecep@pacbell.net

Upcoming Events/Seminars

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